Monday, September 24, 2012

Wear your sleeveless as a scarf!

Happy Monday everyone. It's getting a little chilly here in Albuquerque and the fall fashion trends are quickly kicking in, and no other article of clothing defines the feel of fall more than a scarf. Different colors and patterns of scarfs can be found at any department stores and it's a great way to dress up any outfit. But at the average rate of $20 per scarf, you would find that the cost of scarfs can add up quickly. By using the many sleeveless you already have, you can dress up any outfit without spending extra money on scarfs.

Although this post is about saving money on scarfs, it was not my original attention. I was doing a gem show in Denver last week, and what started as a sunny warm Tuesday ended up with a full storm by Wednesday. Because I did not pack for the cold weather, my suitcase was filled with sleeveless tops. I was layering my sleeveless to stay warm, and through the changes, I caught a glimpse of one sleeveless top sitting around my neck and decided to go with it! lol. And as it turned out, no one noticed that it was a shirt and I even received some compliments on my turquoise shirt/scarf. To demonstrate that this "scarf-faking" will pretty much work with any shirt, I attached another example below.

Both shirts were from Forever 21 and were both under $10

Quick instruction:
Put on the sleeveless shirt over your head onto your neck without putting your arms through the arm-holes, tuck around whats hanging in front you until the arm-holes are unseen. It is essential that it is a "sleeveless" with no collar, because any other shirt will hang lots of extra fabric you can tuck away lol.

Try it out, it's free lol. Until next time!

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