Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Shorts with long-Sleeve Shirts

Hi guys, sorry for how long this post took. I worked at a 4-day gem show in Tucson, AZ last week and literally only had enough time to eat and sleep. But my main reason for not posting is that my hotel did not have free internet!! Can I just say that I can't stand pretentious "fancy" hotels that claim to be 3.5 stars and yet charge extra for everything such as parking and internet! Seriously does more "stars" mean only more money and not more value? Anyways, this week I am in Denver, CO doing a 5-day show, and I am eager to say that I am much happier at my 1 star hotel in Cherry Creek with free internet!

When I am at these shows, I meet amazing people and even prestigious designers, so it's important that I look my best at all times. But easier said than done, like many girls out there that are busy busy busy, dressing up like a model with high-hills just isn't realistic for most days. At these gem shows, we are setting up 20-30 feet booths filled with merchandise, constantly cleaning and selling to customers. So it is important for me to dress as comfortable as I can and look professional at the same time. It was hot last week in Tucson, so jeans and pants were out of the question, and skirts/dresses doesn't allow me to feel comfortable since I am bending down and moving merchandise all day long. Shorts were my go-to item but I don't like wearing shorts with sleeveless shirts because it looks too summer-ish and I feel that I would be showing too much skin in a professional environment. Wearing shorts with short-sleeve shirts or t-shirts feel too casual to me, like I didn't care to dress up at all. So my ultimate suggestion for working during late summer months are 'Shorts with Long-Sleeve Shirts." Long-Sleeve shirts with buttons are not-too-revealing and very professional, but not too up-tight either when paired with some cute shorts!

I'll make sure I get some time later this week before the show's over to make another post about the the jewelry shows or another jewelry-making tutorial, so make sure you subscribe one way or another. Talk to you all soon!

Left Pic: 
Turquoise shirt from Aeropostale, $14.50. 
Gray Corduroy shorties from American Eagle, $24.95.

Right Pic:
Vertical stripe chambray from Target, $19.50.
White Corduroy shorties from American Eagle, $24.95.

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