Monday, September 3, 2012

Palette Mash Up with Red and Blue!

Hi everyone, so my second post is about putting outfits together with Red and Blue. Bright colors are very hard to put together, but there are a few classic combos that just can't go wrong; and one of them is red and blue. The reason I threw B/W stripes and gray into the mix is to tone down the two main bright colors so the outfit is not too overwhelming with color. 

B/W Strips, Red and Blue
In the picture above, I put an outfit together through just so I can see the combination I brainstormed. In reality though, not only do I refuse to pay for those exact items, I don't even want to spend the time to find similar items lol. So I looked through my closet, and decided to put an outfit together using the same colors, but completely different items and order; so almost like a palette mash-up, see below.
Shirt: American Eagle, Featherlight Henley, $17
Skirt: Forever 21, Short Skirt, $5.80 (no joke, regular price!)
Shoes: Target, Red Ballet Flats, $9.99 (half off clearance)
Bag: A splurge...Coach Outlet, Gray Leather Satchel, $250 (originally $595)

Although the bag in my pic is a bit steep in price, nonetheless, I didn't incur new expenses to achieve this look; I'm using items I already have in my closet to create a brand new outfit inspired by my own palette. So I hope you enjoyed this post and will try to put together a brand new outfit from items you already have in your closet!

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