Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Flushable wipes as Toilet cleaner

Hi everyone, I know this is a very UN-glamorous post, but we all have to clean the toilet one time or another, might as well do it efficiently, right?! Since the invention of the Clorox Toilet Wand, I have said goodbye to the good old gloves-and-brush, but it wasn't until recently that I realized how fast I was going through the refills at almost $.70 a pop. Not only that, I didn't like the fact I had to dispose the refill into the trash can...gross!

So then I tried Scrubbing Bubbles version with the disposable refills. But it worked like crap and wasn't cheap either!

So I came up with a cheaper and better solution; using the Scrubbing Bubble wand with flushable wipes as refills! Just get 3 or 4 pieces of flushable wipes, scrunch it up, and clamp it with the wand. These wipes from Costco are strong and very well-priced compared to Cottonelle, the best part, it's completely flushable. To save even more money(yes, it's possible lol), use the wipes for other less-gross surfaces first such as the sinks and vanity and then attach it to the toilet wand to do the dirty work. Hope you'll try it! Until next time ;-)

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