Saturday, October 27, 2012

Making use of the free stuff from Clinique Bonus Kit

Hi all there, this week's post is just gonna be short and sweet since I have a super busy weekend. So you all know how much I like saving money, well, how about making use of something that's free?!? I'm talking about the free blush brush that's in Clinique Bonus kit almost every time!

I lost my make up brush yesterday (don't know where lol), and I was just desperate to find something this morning that can last me until I get a new one. While digging through my vanity, I came across this little brush in my Clinique Bonus kit, and I realized I had like 5 of these from the past and NEVER used them. So I used it with my Bare Minerals and then noticed it was the perfect size to just leave in my powder jar. It's a convenient way to store a brush that's SANITARY and FREE!!!! I don't know about you, but my old face brush just sat in my make-up bag and would get super dirty, with this little thing, it stays clean!

I know what you are thinking, this would get messy on the go. But don't worry, the newer design of Bare Mineral powder jar takes care of that, see below; it closes!!! So I'm gonna use this old-design jar at home until it runs out (I'm sure many of you still have at least one of these oldies), and use the newer one on the go! Until next time :-)

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