Friday, May 31, 2013


I can't believe it's been so long since I last blogged, time just goes by way too fast. I hate making excuses and justify for my lack of writing, but to call the cause of my absence a family emergency is an understatement. I did not want to burden the world of my hard times these past months, and wanted to handle my stress and emotions with the only medicine I know never fails...time. Today, I feel much better than usual. I can't identify the exact reason, but I felt compelled to write about it.

Throughout past months, I tried my best to stay busy so I would not have the time to think so deep into everything. Aside from working more hours, I sought out many other activities. I started a little garden in my backyard, which was stressful but rewarding at the same time. I then went to Martha Stewart's website and literally tried as many recipes/ideas my schedule would allow. One of the best turn-out of all my recreations was from this home made lip balm tutorial. From there, as one can guess, I also made other related creations such as body butters and perfume oils. It truly was a great experience, and I think everyone should at least try it! It was easy, all natural, and so much cheaper than buying all those chemicals-in-a-bottle! I had a lot of fun playing with recipes and will share some of my own at a later post. Anyway, in addition to picking up new hobbies, I decided to pick up an old hobby as well. I decided to go to a local feed store...and picked up four adorable baby chicks!!!!! When I was growing up in China, my mom would get baby chicks most summers, but because we lived in the city, we would always be forced to give them away when they got big. But my aunt lived in a different province, and every time I went to see her, she would serve us fresh eggs from the chickens in her back yard, and that was 17 years ago.

Newest addition to our family; meet Sweet Pea, Baby Doll, Rocket, and Vanessa Hudgens.
Maybe it's the simple concept of watching something grow that is bringing me more joy each day, or maybe joy is the side effect from a small sense of accomplishment, either one works for me. So I guess I'll have plenty to blog about for the near foreseeable future lol.
Me and my brother holding Sweat Pea.

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