Sunday, December 30, 2012

My business, my baby...June Jewels

Hi everyone, like promised, I would share with you guys this week all about my on-line shop called June Jewels.

June Jewels began on in 2009. For my new reader that don't know too much about me, I was raised in a family business that have been supplying rough and finished-turquoise to jewelers internationally since 1994. Over the years, I slowly realized how much I have learned about not only the jewelry-making process, but also many other aspect of the industry such as gemstone history, origin, and manufacturing processes. I started June Jewels right before starting my MBA program to pay for textbooks, but I quickly realized how happy I was running my own little business and I knew I would continue it as soon as school was over.

People often ask me if I ever get tired of jewelry and beads, I say "Never!" Because to me, creating jewelry is like creating history, a piece of jewelry made with genuine stones can last for centuries; its value becomes priceless and its story becomes everlasting!  

I truly enjoy sharing my expertise and be able to provide the material to all the jewelry lovers out there doing what they love.  My favorite part about running June Jewels is when my customers send me pictures of their work using my products; it just makes my day! I currently run this shop with the help of my husband who I have been married to since 2007. He is a firefighter and is just the most hard-working, genuine, and noble person I know. He loves his job and have always encouraged me to do what would make me happy no matter what anyone else thinks. So here I am, doing what makes me happy and hope to create as many happy customers as I can along the way!

You can check out June Jewels by simply going to, click the image below, or click the product gallery I have recently added to the right side of this blog. 

Until next time :)


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